Every week, you pour endless hours into creating powerful and original content for your blog.

After all, great content is the secret to blogging success, right?

But you’re starting to wonder if the results really justify your time and effort. You get worryingly little traffic, few social shares and only a trickle of email subscribers.

We’ve all been there, desperately wanting our voice to be heard by the masses.

But, what if I could show you some quick and easy tips that will help you to boost your social shares and get more eyeballs on your content?

Would you give it a try? If the answer is yes, great! Read on as I give you 76 actionable tips that will help you get 1000s of social shares on every blog post.

4 Simple Reasons Why You Need More Social Shares

So, you may be wondering: What’s the big deal with social shares?

Well, the truth is, they can do a lot for you. Here are some reasons why:

  • It can generate insane amounts of traffic for your blog. The more shares you get, the more people your content reaches, leading to tons of traffic to your blog.
  • Leverage the power of social proof. When someone visits your blog and reads a post that gets lots of social shares, it has a positive effect on how they perceive your blog, making it much more likely for readers to share your content.
  • Your blog’s visibility reaches new heights. When someone shares your content, your name becomes visible to a potentially large group of people. The more people see mentions of your name (especially when shared by influencers), the more curious they will get over time.

Without further ado, let’s carry on with the list!

This list is gigantic, though. So instead of reading every single method and trying to do everything at once, feel free to download the PDF and get 7 exclusive ways to tweak your blog and get even more social shares. It’s completely free, so why not grab it now?

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Oh, and before you dive in…

If you can think of a way to increase your social shares that we missed, please leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list with a link to your site to show our appreciation!


Ways to Get More Social Shares:

  1. Get more shares on Facebook
  2. Get more shares on Twitter
  3. Get more shares on Google+
  4. Get more shares on Pinterest
  5. Get more shares on any platform you use

13 Ways to Get More Social Shares on Facebook

  1. Embed Facebook posts in your content
  2. Have at least one image in your post
  3. Use eye-catching images - websites like Unsplash or Pixabay offer free stock images you can use
  4. Ask people to share your post directly
  5. Optimize your copy – writing more engaging and compelling content will help
  6. Share a variety of content – try sharing relevant videos and images
  7. Write about trending topics
  8. Share only what’s relevant to your audience
  9. Share exclusive content that you don’t share on other networks
  10. Keep any text to a minimum - according to Buffer, the ideal length is less than 40 characters
  11. Share content that will invoke an emotional response
  12. Add call to action buttons – this won’t directly boost your shares but it will boost your click through rate which can lead to an indirect boost in social shares
  13. Grow an audience naturally – don’t buy followers (it may make your profile look good but it will hurt your progress in the long run and people will quickly notice the huge difference in engagement vs likes)
  14. Tag industry influencers in your posts when relevant
  15. Post more photos and video
  16. Share photos that are self-explanatory
  17. Share regularly
  18. Encourage engagement – the more people who react, the more people that will see your post
  19. Engage with others more often
  20. Keep the quality and relevance to your audience high – negative comments will have an impact
  21. Respond to comments on your post
  22. Ask questions in your posts and get people talking
  23. Avoid using external apps to share to Facebook – try Post Planner as an alternative, as it operates within Facebook
  24. Use promoted posts

21 Ways to Get More Social Shares on Twitter

  1. Add a share button to your blog (using a tool that allows you to include your Twitter handle works best)
  2. Include ‘Please Retweet’ at the beginning of your Tweet to generate as much as 4x more retweets
  3. @mention influencers that you included in your content
  4. @mention any individual or company that you have included in your content
  5. Use a tool like Followerwonk or Manage Flitter to figure out the best times to post (lots of people have shared this type of data but it works best based on your followers)
  6. Use Sponsored Tweets (not officially through Twitter)
  7. Use Promoted Tweets(officially through Twitter)
  8. Use a tool like Followerwonk to figure out exactly what topics are most important to your audience
  9. Post a variety of content not just links (e.g. quotes)
  10. Post more often (within reason – tools like Social Oomph can help here)
  11. Sign up for Triberr and join relevant tribes (try creating tribes of your own and inviting influencers)
  12. Post better quality content
  13. Include trending hashtags in your tweets
  14. Optimize your hashtags (can be done easily with tools like Ritetag)
  15. Optimize your tweets (the more compelling the better)
  16. Engage more with your followers (cultivating relationships is key)
  17. Share other peoples content (not just yours)
  18. Share content that is controversial, shocking, or uplifting
  19. Tweet images
  20. Embed tweets in your content
  21. Add ‘Tweet this’ links next to quotes in your content (this can be done easily with tools like Click To Tweet)

15 Ways to Get More Social Shares on Google+

  1. Add a share button to your blog (rather than a +1 button)
  2. Include a title in bold type using asterisks either side of your title, e.g. - title
  3. Include a sub title in italics by adding underscores either side of your sub title, e.g. - sub title
  4. Tag niche influencers in your G+ post (when relevant)
  5. Share infographics
  6. Stop sharing your posts directly with your circles - this usually gets you muted, good luck to you once that happens
  7. Create a targeted circle of people that want updates about your content
  8. Embed G+ posts in your content
  9. Create a unique post that adds value that cannot be found within the content on your blog
  10. Run a regular HOA (Hangout on Air)
  11. Curate multiple posts into a single G+ post
  12. Ask your followers a question
  13. Keep a balance when using #hashtags
  14. Ask your followers to share your post
  15. Share your posts in relevant communities but avoid dropping links – add something to the discussion

11 Ways to Get More Social Shares on Pinterest

  1. Add Pinterest sharing buttons to your blog
  2. Share your images on group boards (the larger the following – the better)
  3. Share your pins on other networks
  4. Use a service like Markerly or Shareaholic to add Pinterest buttons to your images
  5. Write more detailed image descriptions and ‘alt tags’
  6. Share images that are relevant to your followers
  7. Share images that are eye catching
  8. Share more original pins than re-pins
  9. Share your pins on multiple boards
  10. Share taller images (infographics work great)
  11. Ask people to share your pin in your description

Get More Social Shares on Any Platform

  1. Write about hot topics before anyone else – otherwise known as newsjacking
  2. Promote your old (evergreen) content regularly
  3. Maintain a level of trust (people share content that looks trust worthy)
  4. Share content that solves your audience’s problems
  5. Map your content to your audience personas
  6. Publish more detailed and higher quality content
  7. Run a giveaway using a tool like Rafflecopter
  8. How to and list posts can get up to 47% more shares [source]
  9. Publish a case study
  10. Publish a post that includes an infographic (people love to share infographics)
  11. Menion influencers in your content and tell them about it
  12. Use compelling copy in your headlines and make people curious
  13. Look at your competitor’s most popular content using BuzzSumo to identify which topics will resonate with your audience
  14. Stop writing dull content
  15. Write about causes that resonate with your audience
  16. Repurpose your content into other mediums – think about video, infographics and SlideShare presentations for example

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate mega guide on boosting social shares on your blog! If you did, be sure to share this post with your best buddies, because sharing is caring! :smile: