Hey there, I’m Bruno. Welcome to Typeblogger, where I share actionable strategies to help smart bloggers like you grow a successful blog. I’m so glad you came here!

Who this blog is for

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How do I make money from my blog?
  • How can I sell my own products and services without feeling pushy?
  • How can I persuade someone to work with me?
  • How can I grow my audience?

…then you’re in the right place!

I started this blog because I love helping people like you create successful blogs and earn a full-time income from your passion.

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About me

My name is Bruno Tan and I’m the founder of Typeblogger, where I share actionable strategies to help you grow a successful blog. 

I live in sunny Singapore, where it’s summer all year long 😃 

First, let me tell you more about my blogging journey… 

My blogging journey

When I first started out blogging, I was hugely annoyed by the number of self-proclaimed experts on the Internet. These fake experts would often pump out useless blogging advice in the form of generic top ten lists. 

As you can guess, reading (and following) their worthless advice took me and my blog nowhere. In the end, I became so frustrated with my blog that I nearly gave up on blogging altogether. 

Fast forward to a few months later, my first technology blog, TechChunk, started gaining traffic and subscribers, thanks to amazing people like Neil Patel and Jon Morrow. The blog has already been shut down by me, but you can read more about it here.

I then moved on to start Typeblogger (the very blog you are reading right now!), where I share in-depth articles and actionable strategies on growing your blog’s traffic. 

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Don’t be shy, do feel free to say ‘Hi’ to me whenever you come swinging by! I absolutely love getting to know my readers personally - it motivates me to keep writing fresh content for you folks!